Tubing Types

The following abbreviations are used:

TT    =    Top Tube
DT    =    Down Tube
ST    =    Seat Tube
CS    =    Chain Stay
SS    =    Seat Stay
HT    =    Head Tube
FB    =    Fork Blade
SC    =    Steering Column

BT    =    Bottom Tube (Tandem)
MT    =    Miscellaneous Tube

Tubing Dimensions

Measured in millimetres. In order of tube diameter, tube length, tube gauge (where not shown in tube drawing)

Tubing Weights

Columbus tubing weights are based on mitred tubes sized for a 54cm centre to centre road frame or a 45.5cm (18") MTB frame. Steering columns are assumed to be 180mm in length.

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All Columbus information quoted on this web site, including dimensions and weights has been taken directly from Columbus catalogues and literature. We have endeavoured to ensure the accuracy of transcription of this information to this site. However we can take no responsibility for any potential inaccuracies contained in the source material.