All Shells are for BSA (English) thread 68mm Width unless otherwise indicated.

Pressed BB Shells

- 28.6x28.6x22.2mm
731 - 31.7x28.6x22.2mm. 61/63
731 has half moon scoop cuts into ports

THRON - 31.7x28.6x29.5/18mm
60/64. Suits Chain Stays
Columbus CRM214OV

832 - 22.2mm Round
Chain Stay Ports Only

560 - 28.6x28.6x22.2mm.
Pressed Shell. Road Angles
 Italian Threads.
573 - 31.7x28.6x22.2mm.
Pressed ATB shell. Italian.


Machined BB Sleeves

BB2005 - Steel Bottom Bracket Shell, BB30 x 1.875'' OD x 68 mm Wide

Best Quality Italian Cromo Sleeve
No Holes
597N 38.1mm OD
. 39mm OD
597-73 73mm Wide  39mm
83mm Wide  39mm
596 No Holes. Italian
With Holes
597H With 28.6 Seat Hole 39mm
597H-318 With 31.8 Seat Hole
With 4 Vent Holes. 39mm

Other Brand

594 Cromoly No Holes 40mm OD
 XCRBB 38.1mm. 17/4 Stainless. No holes
597-100 100mm Wide. 38.1mm 4130 steel. No Holes
BB Sleeves. Mild Steel.

BBSleeve73.38 -
38.1OD x 73mm Width
BBSleeve68.38 -
38.1OD x 68mm Width
BBSleeve73.42   - 42mm ODx73mm 


BB30. Sleeve for 68mm
PF30. Sleeve for 68mm width








B.Sleeve. Front Sleeve for Bushnell
Eccentric 66mm Width 53.95mm ID

Front Sleeve for S.Eccentric Eccentric. 68mm Width. 55.1mm ID. Requires Builder to Split Sleeve and braze on clamping binder bosses
(eg Art 2280)


BB4001 Sleeve for BB30. Aluminium. 68mm  For Carbon Fibre / Bamboo
BB1028 Sleeve PF30 - 68mm
17/4 Stainless Steel



Bottom Bracket Eccentrics

Bushnell Eccentric
 Fits B.Sleeve above
Full 1/2" Throw

S.Eccentric Aluminium Eccentric 55mm OD. 1/2" Plus Throw