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  • steel

Technical Characteristics

  • Reasonable lightness
  • Constant thickness
  • Excellent stability of the frame

Reasons to choose Gara

  • Athlete: Gara is the right choice when amateur or trekking performance is required. Megatubes with drop section are available too.
  • Framebuilders: Gara round plain gauge tubes can be easily and quickly assembled. Excellent mechanical performance thanks to the Chromoly steel alloy used.

Suggested set:

Gara road frame


TT GARI11 a 25.4, L=600, 0.8
Also available in 800mm lengths
256 g gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
DT GARI12 a 28.6, L=635, 0.8 Also available in 1500mm lengths 328 g gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
ST GARI12 a 28.6, L=635, 0.8 Also available in 1500mm lengths 304 g gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
CS CRMI14OV a 22.2, L=410, 0.8
Also available as non tapering tube
154 g gari14ov.jpg (4579 bytes)
SS CRM415 a 14, L=560, 0.8
Also available with 12.5mm tip.
125 g el0415.jpg (3952 bytes)
HT CRMI18 a 31.7, L=180, 1.0. Also available in 635 or 1500mm lengths 84 g nm0i18.jpg (2628 bytes)
FB MFT240C101 a 28/19, L=390, 1.0/0.7,
Also available as 24mm round for track use with LC19 crown
161 g brni16v1.jpg (4891 bytes)
SC CRMI17 a 25.4, L=160, 210, 240, 2.3/1.55 188 g crmi17.jpg (3560 bytes)
Weight of 8 tubes for road frame sized 54cm centre to centre = 1530 g