coldove.gif (2093 bytes)
Code   Tube
MFT240C103 a 28/19, L=410, 1.0/0.7 Cromoly
Also available as 24mm round for track use with LC19 crown
210 g brni16v1.jpg (4891 bytes)
CRMI16V1 a 28/19, L=390, 0.9 Cromoly
Also available as 24mm round for track use with LC19 crown
  brni16v1.jpg (4891 bytes)
CRMI16V1-RAKED a 28/19, L=390, 0.9 Cromoly
45mm Rake
SL0I16V1 a 28/19, L=390, 0.9 Cromoly.
Rolled manufacture (Lighter)
Also available as 24mm round for track use with LC19 crown use code SL0I16T1
156 g brni16v1.jpg (4891 bytes)
SL0I16V1-RAKED a 28/19, L=390, 0.9 Cromoly.
Rolled manufacture (Lighter)
45mm Rake
MAXL16V2 a 35.8/18.5, L=390, 0.9/0.6 Nivacrom  Original available as part of MAX complete set.

Cromoly Copy available in fully profiled section (1.0mm gauge). Fits LE-MAX profiled front dropouts.

crown available.
(LC36 for straight forks and others)
160 g maxl16v2.jpg (3630 bytes)
EL0016U1V a 28/20, L=390, 1.1/0.8 Nivacrom,
Unicrown mitred for 25.4mm steerer. Racing clearance
FBUNI24OVAL a 28/20, L=390, 1.2/0.9/1.2
14.5mm Tip
Unicrown .



25.4, L=390, 1.2/0.7.
14mm tip.

Unicrown   ATB clearance

  crr016u2t.jpg (3849 bytes)


a 28.6, L=390 or 480mm, 1.4/1.2mm

NB tip size now 23.2 not 22mm
Unicrown. ATB clearance. 
C196B, C188B Fork Ends fit Plug
  crrk16u5t.jpg (4229 bytes)
NRNI17 a 25.4, L=180, 210, 240, 270,320 2.3/1.55
Cromoly 188 g garm17.jpg (3500 bytes)
EL0I17 a

25.4, L=300  2/1.55

Unthreaded. 175 g garm17.jpg (3500 bytes)
SABSC254 a 25.4, L=270, 2.3/1.55 Cromoly
270mm or 380mm threaded
Also 400mm Unthreaded
GARM17 a 28.6, L=160-270, 2/1.55
320mm Unthreaded Length Available. Nivacrom Material. 450mm unthreaded  also available Cromoly Material. 200 g garm17.jpg (3500 bytes)


We stock a few fork blades made by Reynolds Technology also. As follows:

Standard Continental Oval (27.5x20). Their equivalent of Columbus oval 28/19. Fits most standard fork crowns.

EB716 - 1.0/0.5,  370mm length, rake 16x30mm (road. 30mm offset, slow gradual bend)
EB713 - 1.2/0.7,  430mm length, rake 15x45mm (touring. 45mm offset, sharper bend)
EB720 - 1.1/0.8,  420mm length, straight
EB711 - 1.2/0.7,  430mm length, straight

Also their 29er Unicrown Fork Blades in 631 material (EX770) 28.6mm x 480mm length. 1.1/0.8mm Tapering to 21mm OD
Also Reynolds 953 Fork Blades Stainless Steel. Available Straight or road raked. The bend on these fork blades is not adjustable.